How Do You keep Your dog Calm When greeting People?

how would you recommend I handle “overly enthusiastic” dog lovers?

I’ll show you what I mean …

It’s fun having a purebred pup people are drawn to.

Complete strangers will stop their cars on busy streets only to yell out “Weimaraner! I’ve had 4!” Or “Love your dog!”

I’ll admit, I like this attention.

And on walks, let’s just say my weimaraner has had hundreds of opportunities to socialize with squealing grown women (and men).

Little kids have been far more appropriate when greeting him compared to adults. kids will ask if they can pet Remy and then calmly hold out their hands.

Adults screech, flail their arms and praise my dog for jumping. and the fact that he still looks like a puppy at 2 years old (he’s small for a weim and hyper) doesn’t help.

And here’s where I’d really like your opinion …

How should I handle the grown adults who talk to my dog in high-pitched voices while doing “jazz hands” and encouraging him to jump?

Is this something I should just put up with?

Or should I be more assertive and say something like, “Please don’t pet him, he’s in training.”

We could also just move away, but sometimes we’re trying to sit down and mind our own business.

What I normally do is grip Remy’s collar to prevent him from jumping, but that doesn’t seem fair either because these people are taunting him.

How can I be the best handler for my dog?

There’s a local brewery that’s very dog friendly, and it’s a good place to bring Remy because there’s an outdoor patio area and it’s a good walking distance from our apartment.

For the most part, Remy is pretty good when I bring him places if no one acknowledges him. He stays calm and cool until … people start squealing and encouraging him to jump and play-bite.

Is this something I need to accept since I’m bringing a young dog to a bar?

Even when I stand in a corner with Remy between me and a wall, people approach me and lean over me to get to him. No boundaries, I tell ya!

One woman was leaning over Josh’s LAP to get to Remy!

It’s all very comical, of course. I’m not writing this as a rant. I’m just wondering what you think I should do.

I suppose a bar is one thing, but what about when people act this way on walks or at coffee shops or even in our own apartment complex?


As my pup goes from calm to psycho …

I also want to say I truly appreciate the rare person who knows how to calmly approach a dog. You know, the person who can just smile and nod and say, “Nice dog.”

A compliment and respect. thank you to those people!

And of course, dogs do need to learn to contain themselves regardless of the energy around them! Remy needs to learn more self-control, of course!

My dog Ace keeps it together no matter how people respond, but fewer people lose their shit over a big, black dog compared to a green-eyed weim puppy. and Ace has a lifetime of experiencing Crazies.

Overall, I’m really proud of my young dog. I think he’s doing a good job considering his age and energy and the reactions he’s presented with.

I just want to know what you think.

How can I balance real-world socialization with training?

How can I help my puppy be successful?

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