#PetPawLooza What Does a $200 Pet gift Basket look Like? go into to Win

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We all like getting bundles in the mail. Whether we purchased them for ourselves or somebody sent a gift, it’s always interesting to see what’s inside.

Enter to win the Sampler $200 Grand prize Basket full of products from all the participating brands. details below.

I don’t understand about you, however 90 percent of the bundles I receive are for my dog. each time a box arrives, Ace is at the door excited to sniff the wrapping to find his new toy or treat. He’s ended up being rather entitled!

Well, this week I want to let you understand about an on the internet event that’s happening since it will provide you a possibility to spoil your pets.

It’s an on the internet sampling event by Sampler called Pet Paw-Looza, as well as 6,600 samples as well as 8,545 discount coupons will be up for grabs from excellent brands.

There will likewise be “flash giveaways” as well as a grand prize basket full of products.

Here’s exactly how it works:

The Pet Paw-Looza on the internet Pet product Sampling event runs this may 20 to may 28.

Pet Paw-Looza is a one-week on the internet event where you have the possibility to try pet products from excellent brands such as Riley’s organic canine treats as well as Bravo Pet Foods.

How to participate:

RSVP to the event on Sampler’s Facebook Page.

This will enable you to:

1. go into to win the Grand prize Basket full of products from all the participating brands & valued at much more than $200.

2. get gain access to to the routine of sampling events taking location on the brands’ Facebook pages.

What brands are participating?

The brands providing away samples as well as coupons include:


Riley’s organic canine Treats

Isle of Dogs

Unique natural Products


Bravo Pet Foods

Northern Pet Products


More details on exactly how the sampling events work

1. RSVP.

You can do so here, as well as you’ll get the calendar of sampling events.

2. “Wish for” the products you’d like.

Once you get the calendar, you’ll have the possibility to “wish for” the product samples you’d like to receive.

This doesn’t assurance you a sample, however. The only method to get a sample is to have a Facebook good friend send it to you, so it’s finest to friend up with a Facebook good friend as well as have the samples sent to every other.

Käydä järkeen?

For example, I would like to get products from Bravo, so I would “wish for” samples from Bravo as well as then a Facebook good friend would have the samples sent to me as well as I’d have a sample sent to her.

It will look like this:

3. The actual sampling events.

The sampling events will take location Monday may 25 to Thursday may 28.

Sampling events will be held on the brands’ own Facebook pages under a special tab (not in the news feed). For example, Bravo will hold its sampling event on its Bravo Facebook page. when you’ve RSVP’d, you’ll get the schedule.

4. Flash giveaways!

Finally, a couple of pet blog writers will be providing flash giveaways throughout the week. I’ll be holding a flash giveaway (meaning a surprise time as well as a surprise item!) at some point throughout the week. comply with That Mutt on Facebook so you don’t miss out.

More information on the participating brands

My canine Ace has been sampling numerous of the products that will be featured throughout Pet Paw-Looza, as well as here’s a look at the brands.

Let me understand which of these brands your canine would be many interested in!

Bravo Pet Foods

Bravo provides top notch food for dogs as well as cats, according to its Facebook page. a few of its products include frozen raw diets, freeze-dried raw diets, treats, chews, bones as well as supplements.

Ace got to try a few of the company’s freeze-dried raw meals, as well as of program he liked them. I’m a huge advocate of raw food for pets.

Bravo’s sampling event will take location here.

Riley’s organic canine Treats

Dog treats from Riley’s Organics are USDA organic as well as baked in a human-grade bakery, according to its Facebook page.

I’m not scared to admit I tried one of these treats myself after taking a look at the ingredients, as well as it was so great I had more! Seriously, they taste like bit Teddy Grahams however without all the sugar!

I was glad to later checked out on the company’s Facebook page: “These treats are so great as well as so healthy that we can eat them ourselves.”

Oh say thanks to goodness, I’m not the only one snacking on canine treats!

The Riley’s sampling event will take location here.


By Nature makes natural as well as organic pet foods as well as treats formulated to assist support the pet’s natural defenses, according to its Facebook page. products include dry food, canned food as well as treats.

Ace sampled the grain-free turkey as well as wonderful potato recipe, as well as it was a hit! much more importantly, I am pleased with the components (real, particular animal protein as well as genuine fruits as well as veggies). It’s a dry food brand I’m comfortable recommending.

By Nature’s sampling event will be here.

Unique natural Products

The distinct pet odor as well as discolor eliminator utilizes a blend of natural as well as healthy bacteria as well as microbes that actually biodegrade spots as well as odors, according to the company. It works on any type of surface as well as turns spots into carbon dioxide as well as water.

All pet owners ought to have a great odor eliminator on hand, particularly puppy owners or those who foster dogs as well as cats.

Unique’s sampling event will take location here.

Northern Pet Products

Northern Pet products makes all-natural, holistic canine biscuits utilizing fresh meats as well as vegetables sourced from Canadian growers, according to its Facebook page. products include wheat-free as well as grain-free canine biscuits as well as wheat-free dental chews.

Ace got to sample the pumpkin dental chews you see pictured.

Northern Pet Products’ sampling event will take location here.

Isle of Dogs

Isle of Dogs offers grooming products for dogs such as shampoos, conditioners as well as odor sprays.

One of the products Ace got from Isle of Dogs was the Deep cleaning Shampoo in the signature fragrance, red berries + champagne. seems good, right? The shampoo is likewise sulfate as well as paraben free.

The Isle of Dogs sampling event will take location here.

Want to be my Facebook friend?

This week, I welcome any type of of my visitors to send me a Facebook good friend request. You can unfriend me best after the event if you’d like. count on me, I won’t be hurt. ?

I’ll do my finest to accept your requests as well as send you a couple of samples throughout the Pet Paw-Looza event. just make sure to RSVP as well as to “wish for” the products you’re interested in.

If you have any type of questions, leave them in the comments as well as I’ll find the answers. Or, go ahead as well as RSVP as well as Sampler will walk you with the process.

Good luck, as well as let me understand if you plan to participate!

-Lindsay (and Ace!)

Which brand is your canine or feline many interested in?

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