Will a Thundershirt assist My Dog?

If your canine is frightened of fireworks or thunder, you’ve most likely tried the Thundershirt or had somebody suggest it.

You’ve most likely likewise heard someone claim the Thundershirt resolved all her dog’s issues like it’s some kind of miracle.

“I put the Thundershirt on her, as well as she calmed down immediately,” people say.

OK …

That’s excellent it works so well for specific dogs.

Others … not so much!

The Thundershirt seemingly does nothing for some dogs, leaving the owners feeling like they’ve squandered $40 as well as that the Thundershirt doesn’t truly work.

You can checked out some Thundershirt evaluations right here (positive as well as negative).

What I believe about the Thundershirt

The Thundershirt is not a quick fix. There’s seldom such a thing in the dog-training world.

I have never seen a canine completely transformed by using one. However, the Thundershirt can be a excellent tool in addition to other training tools as well as techniques such as desensitization, positive reinforcement, lots of exercise, etc.

If you’ve tried the Thundershirt with your dog, please share your thoughts as well as experiences in the comments. I’m going to review some suggestions that can ideally assist canine owners make the most out of a Thundershirt.

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Tips on exactly how to utilize a Thundershirt for dogs:

1. slowly get your canine utilized to using clothing.

My black Labrador mix Ace hates using clothes.

If I put a canine coat on him, he gets tense as well as even trembles. Ridiculous, I know. however remember, using a coat is not natural for a dog, as well as having something put over them makes some dogs feel susceptible or submissive. This is the situation with my dog.

Thankfully, Ace is not truly frightened of much in life, so we have no requirement for a Thundershirt.

If you’re believing of utilizing one for your dog, you’ll want to slowly introduce the Thundershirt in a positive way, particularly if she’s not utilized to using a coat or vest.

Here are some tips:

Set the Thundershirt on the ground for at least a half-hour so your canine can get utilized to it. provide her treats or play around it.

Gently location the Thundershirt over your canine as well as provide her much more treats.

Put the Thundershirt on her randomly for the things she loves like mealtimes or walks. Take it off when those activities end.

Don’t put the Thundershirt on firmly at first. It’s implied to be used snug, however no requirement to tighten it at first.

So, you’re not even utilizing the Thundershirt during storms or fireworks for now. If you only bring it out during those “scary” times, you may cause a poor association.

2. utilize other training methods together with the Thundershirt.

When you begin utilizing the Thundershirt during storms or fireworks, you ought to very first come up with some kind of training plan for assisting your canine conquer her fears.


Begin a desensitization plan. I understand this is simpler stated than done, however one choice is to play thunderstorm videos at a low level while providing your canine treats as well as slowly boost the volume over time.

Lots of exercise every single day. This is no simple solution, however in general the less pent-up energy an anxious canine has, the better.

Provide a safe, peaceful location for your canine to “hide” during storms or fireworks with lots of “white noise” to block out the sounds.

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3. integrate the Thundershirt with other tools

The Thundershirt is just one tool, as well as it can work much much better when integrated with other products.

Some examples that might assist include:

Providing your canine with a Kong toy or other treat-dispensing toy full of jerky or peanut butter

Natural calming products such as Canine Calm or Bach’s Rescue Remedy

Dog-appeasing pheromone diffusers

Benadryl, which can assist calm some dogs

In extreme cases, prescription medications

So, it’s unlikely you can just slap a Thundershirt on your canine as well as presume it will resolve all your problems. This does seem to work for a little portion of dogs, however not many.

I’m curious what your experience has been with the Thundershirt as well as what other tools or training methods you utilized with it.

Let me understand in the comments.

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