Which dog training technique is finest for my new dog?

Which dog training technique is best?

There is no dog training technique that will work for each dog/owner pair.

Every dog is different. Every owner is different. Every circumstance is different.

The finest dog fitness instructors acknowledge that.

I don’t like when I hear somebody state something like “You should never put a shock collar on a dog.”

Todella? Ei koskaan?

Or exactly how about “You should always utilize positive reinforcement.” Or, “You should always kennel train a dog.”


I don’t necessarily like shock collars, however they work fantastic on specific dogs.

My mutt Ace uses a shock collar at my parents’ home in exchange for full flexibility on their property. The collar keeps him safely in their lawn as well as off the road. For other dogs, a shock collar will prevent unwanted barking so they get to be outside or in public more often. Not a bad tradeoff.

And as far as positive reinforcement goes, do you understand exactly how many times I’ve gotten up close to my dog as well as firmly said, “Now that’s sufficient of that!”

Probably 100 times. It gets my point across.

And what about kennel training? I plan to kennel train every single dog I ever own, however does that mean everybody should do the same? Of program not.

What if the dog is terrified of confinement? What if the dog spent five years crated at a puppy mill? What if the dog can be left alone in a bedroom without triggering trouble?

Each circumstance is unique, as is each dog as well as each owner.

If you are believing about getting a dog or if you have just recently embraced a dog, I comprehend exactly how training that dog can be very overwhelming. everybody you understand will be providing you advice about what to do as well as what not to do.

Rub the pup’s nose in her pee when she has an accident, one person may say.

Put out puppy pads or newspapers, somebody else may say.

Personally, I suggest a typical sense approach. Take the dog outside to the exact same area – frequently – as well as reward her for peeing outside. put her in a crate when you can’t supervise in order to prevent accidents.

When I train my own dog, I do not concern about labels like “positive reinforcement” or “dominance theory.”

I am almost always utilizing a combination of benefits as well as consequences.

If Ace does something I like – perhaps lying quietly while the neighbor dog barks – I tell him what a great boy he is. He may even get a treat or a back scratch.

If he barks at the neighbor dog, I will tell him “No!” while making direct eye contact. usually he quiets down after that. If not, he goes in the home as well as temporarily loses the privilege of being outside with us. (Worst punishment ever!)

A reward can be as simple as a smile or warm eye contact.

A repercussion might be taking a toy away.

I want to be a strong leader to my dog, however that doesn’t mean I should be aggressive or overbearing. It means my dog can look to me for comfort as well as direction without being as well dependent.

Training should always be fun as well as based on love.

I want to be fun as well as positive, however that doesn’t mean I have to throw a celebration for Ace every time he obeys fundamental commands. Doing so would get my dog method as well riled up. A simple smile or a “That’s right, boy” goes a long way.

Olenko täydellinen? kaukana siitä.

Olen tulossa sinne.

What are some examples of benefits or consequences you utilize with your dog?

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