5 ways treats help Me Train My Puppy (Instead of saying No)

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I tell my puppy “NO!” plenty of times per day (probably 50 times, let’s be honest).

Sometimes “No!” is just the easiest way to get my point across in the moment, and it works.

For example, I see Remy about to pick up my shoe. I tell him “No” and usually it stops him.

But what it doesn’t do is stop him from attempting to steal my shoe again in 10 minutes or from stealing my shoe the next day.

So, the following are some examples where Fruit Nibblers treats have helped me reinforce the behavior I want so my weimaraner puppy will be more likely to repeat that behavior on his own in the future.

This is so much more effective long term than constant “nagging.” and it allows me to save my mama Bear “NO’s!” for when they’re really needed—and yes, they’re needed!

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5 examples where treats help me train my puppy

1. teaching self-control and respecting space.

Remy is a pup who is very much “in your business” and rude. He has big, clumsy paws and he likes to “punch” and grab at people for attention. Ei hyvä.

I can tell him “no” all I want. sometimes I even shove him away. He thinks this is great game!

What truly works is to have treats in my pocket and to completely ignore my puppy until he backs away, sits or lies down. then he gets the treat.

You’d think this might be a difficult concept for a young dog to learn, but it seriously took Remy one 2-minute session and he figured it out.

He gives me space. I give a treat.

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2. Not pulling on walks.

I have all sorts of training collars designed to decrease my puppy’s pulling.

[quote_right]Treats are oh so helpful when dogs are still learning.[/quote_right]They all work in their own ways to an extent, but the only time my puppy truly walks nicely on a leash is when I’m carrying treats and we’re both focused on practicing “heel.”

Obviously we all want our dogs to walk nicely without treats, but treats are oh so helpful when dogs are still learning and you need anything to make sure you’re more interesting than everything else.

3. For taking away bully sticks or rawhides.

I make a point to approach my puppy (so he can see me), remove his bully stick or rawhide, give him a treat and then give the bully stick right back. I might hold the stick for a second. “Oh, what a nice stick. What a good boy!” then I give him a treat. and then I give him the bully stick back.

My puppy learns that I can take away items and it’s no big deal. usually treats are involved. Mahtava!

4. Reinforcing patience and calm behavior around my other dog.

I like to have both dogs sit in front of me, and then I give them treats one after the other for sitting patiently. “Oh what a good boy, Ace! Oh what a good boy, Remy!”

They learn not to be pushy and to wait their turns. It also helps them associate treats and good things with each other!

5. Reinforcing calm behavior when touching my puppy’s feet.

I have a squirmy, mouthy puppy who likes to bite and wiggle when I hold him. Thankfully, he’s not aggressive about it, just completely wiggly and out of control. So, treats are helpful for teaching my puppy good things happen if he can just sit still and let me touch his feet, his toenails, his collar or his teeth.

This is very challenging for Remy, but it all goes back to my first example of teaching self-control. My puppy is always going to have a lot of energy (God help us), so teaching him how to manage that energy is very important.

Other examples where treats are helpful:


Rewarding my dog for going in his kennel

Rewarding him for lying down calmly in the living room while we watch TV

Rewarding him for focusing on me in public, like at a coffee shop or when we have visitors over and he’s on a leash

Coming when called!

Helping my puppy focus (sit/stay/watch) during photos


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Do you have any other examples where you use treats for training?

Let me know in the comments.

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